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[Portuguese] plural acelgas

Swiss chard. A vegetable with large, dark leaves and fleshy ribs, mainly of a creamy white but sometimes a vibrant red. Leaves are cooked in the same way as spinach. The ribs are peeled and cut into manageable chunks and boiled or added to soups or stews. They are tender when young, stringy when old.



A cut from the shoulder lying along the back of the animal as it stands, this is rolled ribs from the middle and chuck rib end are left on the bone in South American countries, while it is more usually boned and roasted or braised in the UK.

acém comprido

/uh-SENG kong-PREE-doo/

Beef cut. A cut from the shoulder, at the top of the chuck, lying along the back of the animal as it stands.

acém redondo

/uh-SENG reh-DOHN-doo/

Beef cut. A cut roughly equivalent to the fore and middle ribs.

acepipe (variado)

[Portuguese] plural acepipes (variados)

Appetiser, starter. A variety of starters is represented by "variados", otherwise just acepipes.


[Portuguese] plural ácidos/ácidas

Sour. Sharp. Acidic.




aço inoxidável

/AH-soo ee-nohk-see-DAH-vehl/

Stainless steel. A chromium-steel alloy, usually containing about 14 per cent of chromium when used for cutlery, etc., that does not rust or tarnish under oxidizing conditions because of the formation of a film of oxide on its surface.


[Portuguese] plural acompanhamentos

A vegetable side dish

a conta

[Portuguese] plural contas

The bill (US: check). "A conta, por favor."