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[Italian] plural affumicati/affumicate

Smoked. Few foods are smoked in Italy apart from pig meats for hams and pancetta and speck and few cheeses. You will rarely found any smoked fish in Italy and what you do will mainly be imported.


[Italian] plural aalalunghe

A name in Lombardy for albacore, long fin tuna.



A type of abalone found in the Adriatic.

Abate Fetel

/ah-BAH-teh FEH-tehl/

An elongated, thick-skinned variety of pear with a sweet, nutty flavour, and a pleasant astringent back-bite.

abbacchi e polli

/ahb-BAHK-kee eh POHL-lee/

"Milk-fed lamb and poultry." Specialist Roman butcher's shops selling only lamb, chicken and eggs.



Roman unweaned, milk-fed spring lamb, killed between 30 and 60 days old and weighing between 6.3-9 kg (14 to 20 lb). The meat is very tender and pale, almost like chicken. This is an Easter treat as the lambs reach the right age around that time. They are usually spit-roasted and the meat is always well done.

abbacchio aglio e aceto

/ahb-BAHK-kyoh AH'lyoh eh ah-CHEH-toh/

"Milk-fed lamb with garlic and vinegar." Chunks of unweaned, milk-fed lamb sautéed with garlic, onions and rosemary, added to a light broth with anchovy paste and vinegar.

abbacchio al forno

/ahb-BAHK-kyoh ahl FOR-noh/

Roast unweaned, milk-fed lamb, usually with rosemary.

abbacchio al forno con patate alla romana

/ahb-BAHK-kyoh ahl FOR-noh kon pah-TAH-teh ahl-lah roh-MAH-nah/

A leg of unweaned, milk-fed lamb roasted in the oven with rosemary and garlic, surrounded by potatoes cut into quarters.

abbacchio alla cacciatora

/ahb-BAHK-kyoh ahl-la kah-chah-TOH-rah/

"Milk-fed lamb in the style of the hunter." Roman unweaned, milk-fed lamb cut into pieces and cooked with rosemary, sage, garlic, anchovies and vinegar.