Terms in Catalan 1-10 of 1164


[Catalan] plural abadiras

Pollack. A member of the cod family found in the eastern and north Atlantic and weighing around 1 kg (2 lb). It is dark green above and has a protruding lower jaw. They have rather grey, flaky flesh and are often salted and dried or pickled and are also commonly used for making imitation shellfish foods. Treat is as you would cod. I have heard that Somerville and Ross, in the Irish RM, describe pollock as tasting like cotton-wool with pins in it.



Blackberry (US: bramble berry).


[Catalan] plural abichones

Big-scale atherine. A type of atherine similar to the sand smelt. A marine fish, usually deep-fried, it is a small, silvery fish similar to the argentine. When tiny it is treated in the same way as whitebait. This fish grows up to 12 cm.




abró de bedoll

[Catalan] plural abrós de bedoll

Pine bolete or brown birch mushroom.


[Catalan] plural acompanyamentes

A vegetable side dish or garnish.


[Catalan] plural actinidias

Kiwi fruit


[Catalan] plural agarrons

Hedgehog fungus. Cream-coloured mushrooms, excellent to eat, easily found in woods from late summer to late autumn (US: fall). They have a sort of downy white stem leading up to a cap which is centrally depressed and under which are masses of little spines, giving the mushroom its English name. It is quite a good mushroom to collect as it is easily distinguished from other mushrooms, is a relative of the chanterelle, and, like it, has good flavour and good retention of texture on long cooking.






Bitter sweet. Sweet and sour.