French King Cake

[English] plural French King Cakes

Galette des Rois is a flat, round cake consisting of flaky puff pastry layers with a dense filling of frangipane. The cake celebrates the Epiphany or Fete de Rois (Three Kings Day) and is sold and consumed days before and after this day. A figurine or trinket “la feve”, originally a bean, is hidden in the wafer. It is a type of King Cake.

There are two types of the French king cake. In northern France and Quebec, the king cake consists of flaky puff pastry layers and a center of dense frangipane. The shape of the cake can either be circular or rectangular. In southern France, particularly in Occitania and Roussillon, the cake is a “torus-shaped” brioche of candied fruits. Also  called gateau des rois or royaume, these cakes originate from Provence and predates its northern counterpart.

A French King Cake with crown for the person who finds the feve. Photo Credit.

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