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Achar. A spiced pickle made with vegetables and coloured yellow with turmeric. May contain fish paste.

acharang gulay


Pickled vegetables

acharang pipino


Pickled cucumber



Anatto. A food colouring extracted from small reddish-brown seeds contained in a prickly seed pod, the fruit of a tropical South American tree. Although edible, they have little flavour and their culinary value is on the whole limited to colouring properties. They are soaked in water and squeezed or, in some places, the seeds are fried in lard to impart their red colour and then discarded. The fat is then cooled and used for cooking and colouring other foods. They are used to give yellow-red colour to charcuterie, Edam, Mimolette, Cheshire and Cheddar cheese, and dried fish such as haddock as well as pastries, sweets and butter.



Job's tears. A plant producing large seeds eaten as a source of protein in South East Asia.

adobong carne


A piquant beef adobo with coconut milk.

adobong isda


A piquant fish adobo

adobong pusit


A piquant squid adobo

adobong talong


A piquant aubergine (US: eggplant) adobo.

afritadang baboy


Braised pork in tomato sauce with peppers and garlic.