Peasgood's Nonsuch apple


A variety of apple which is sweet and delicate. This handsome yellow apple is streaked and blushed with red is prone to mildew. It cooks well and ends up with the same frothy consistency as bramley, but with more sweetness. It is also used in salads as it does not lose its colour quickly. It was raised in the 1850s by Mrs. Peasgood when she was a child in Grantham. She took it with her to Stamford and it was later introduced by Mr Thomas Laxton, being awarded the Royal Horticultural Society First Class Certificate in 1872 and the Award of Garden Merit in 1993. It is grown in France and the Low Countries as Sans Pareille de Peasgood. This mid-season variety is harvested from mid-September in South-East England and is at its best from September to December.

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