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abadèche rouge

[French] plural abadèches rouges

A type of grouper, similar to mérou but with a reddish, patchy skin. It cooks well, being firm and relatively bone-free, making it good for poaching or grilling. Good cold.


[French] plural abaissages

Rolling. Rolling out pastry dough.



A sheet of rolled out pastry, or thin bottom crust.



A verb "to roll out, thinly", as in pastry.


[French] plural des abat-faim

"Hunger killer." This outdated term was used in the past to refer to dishes served early in a meal.

abatis (de volaille)


An outdated name for giblets, now more commonly known as 'abbatis'. These are the cheaper edible internal organs of poultry or game fowl, including the gizzard, a muscular organ which acts as second stomach, heart, feet and neck. They do not include the liver, kidneys and crest, used in haute cuisine and, in the case of duck and goose, in foie gras. Abatis de volaille means giblets of any poultry or feathered game. The term may be more specific and abatis de poulet indicates the giblets of a chicken.

abatis (de volaille) à la bourguignonne


"Giblets in the style of Burgundy", an outdated name meaning giblets cooked in red wine with herbs, diced bacon, onions, mushrooms and livers.

abatis (de volaille) aux champignons


An outdated name for chicken giblets with tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs.

abatis (de volaille) aux navets


An outdated name for giblets with turnips. Giblets cooked in red wine with herbs, bacon, onions, mushrooms and turnips.

abatis (de volaille) chipolatas


An outdated name for giblets cooked in white wine with herbs, chestnuts, grilled chipolatas, onions, mushrooms and pork belly.