Bleu du Mont Cenis


Bleu du Mont Cenis is a name for Murianengo on the French side of the border with Piedmont. It is a cylinder of dry, hard blue artisan cheese made with cow's milk. It has an ivory to yellow paste and a wrinkled, hard, reddish-grey rind. It is produced along the border with Piedmont in the alpine pastures of the Moncenisio Pass. On the other side of the border the same cheese is called Murianengo. This cheese is made with raw, either skimmed or whole milk and contains 50% (30%) fat. It may be found in the following dimensions: 25 or 35 cm (10" or 14") diameter x 10 or 20 cm (4" or 8") deep, weighing 8 or 10 kg (1 lb 1½ oz or 1lb 6 oz). The cheese is also available dusted with ash. Affinage is 3-7 months.

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