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Aberdeen fillet

[English] plural Aberdeen fillets

Lightly smoked fillet of haddock.

Aberdeen nips


Smoked haddock on toast or fried bread.

Aberdeen rowies


A type of croissant

Aberdeen sandwich

[English] plural Aberdeen sandwiches

A sandwich filled with curried chicken, ham or tongue, cut into small rounds and fried.

Aberdeen sausage

[English] plural Aberdeen sausages

A long Scottish slicing sausage of beef, bacon, oatmeal and seasoning, including spices.

Aberdeen smokie

[English] plural Aberdeen smokies

A pale bronze haddock lightly smoked over peat, so it will only keep for a day or two. To smoke haddock, it is first gutted, cleaned and split before being brined and then hung up to drain. It is then smoked until it develops a straw colour. They darken after they process has been completed. Best cold with a squeeze of lemon and brown bread (US: wheat bread).

Aberdeen softy

[English] plural Aberdeen softies

Soft buns made from dough, butter and sugar.

Aberdeen sole

[English] plural Aberdeen soles

A Scottish name for a witch sole. A side-swimming flatfish with pinkish-purple, marbled skin, having a blunted shape similar to the sole although it is not a true sole.

Aberffrau cake

[English] plural Aberffrau cakes

Sponge cakes from Aberffrau in Anglesey made in scallop shells and sprinkled with sugar.

Abernethy biscuit

[English] plural Abernethy biscuits

A plain sweet biscuit (US: cookie) flavoured with caraway. It is said to have been invented by a Dr Abernethy of St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, who suggested to a baker in the early 19th century that he add caraway and sugar to a plain biscuit.