Terms in Danish 1511-1520 of 1524






A variety of snail - the Roman or vineyard snail. It is rather slow-growing, but thought to the tastiest of the snails though without quite the special qualites of the petit gris. Helix pomatia measure between 28 and 36 mm (around 1"-1½") while Helix aspersa are between 25-30 mm.



Wine grape



Wine vinegar



"Winter radish." Black radish. A root vegetable with crisp white flesh and a coarse black skin used in northern and eastern Europe rather like horseradish, grated into sauces, or in the same way as ordinary radishes, in salads, soups and stir-fries. It can be quite bitter and certainly hot.

violet ametysthat


Amethyst deceiver. It may be cooked with other mushrooms in a mixed mushroom stew or served as a garnish to other dishes.

violet hekseringshat


Wood blewit. A bright lilac blue mushroom with fresh clean flavour and excellent with potatoes.

Virginsk trevagtel


American quail. A partridge found from Mexico to Canada, so named because of its call.


[Danish] plural voksbønner

Wax bean



Wreckfish or stone bass, a type of grouper cooked like wrasse and used in soups or cut into steaks or filleted. It may grow as large as 2 m (6 ft) in length and it is found in both the Mediterranean and throughout the Atlantic. Wreckfish are inclined to follow bits of flotsam and jetsam floating on the surface of the sea.