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A strong-flavoured, rough ball of hard cheese made with sheep's milk. It has a thin, yellow-orange natural rind. It is made in the vicinity of Karlovy-Vary (Carlsbad). This cheese contains 45% fat (dry). The curds are pressed. Affinage is usually 2 months.

adzuki fazole


Adzuki bean. Small, red and shiny, slightly square beans with a white scar or hilum on the side. They are good in salads, mixed with other vegetables and also useful with other ingredients for stuffing because of their size. They are often used in sweet dishes as they have more natural sweetness than other beans. They are the basis of the red bean paste used in dim sum and of Japanese an, and are used a great deal in Chinese and Japanese cuisine, particularly for making sweet pastes. The flour is used in confections and puddings in China and Japan.

alkoholicke nápoje

/uhl-ko-hoh-lee-keh nah-poh-yeh/

Alcoholic drinks




anglická slanina

/un-gleet-skah sluhn-yee-nah/


anglická teleci játra

/un-gleet-skah teh-leht-see yah-trah/

Calf's liver fried with streaky bacon.

anglický rostbíf

/un-gleet-skee rost-beef/

English-style roast beef







Arabská guma


Gum arabic, used for emulsifying, stabilising and thickening. It is extracted from the acacia.