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灰色雞油菌 / 灰色鸡油菌(huī sè jī yóu jūn)


Grey chanterelles. Fluted, trumpet-shaped, wild mushrooms with a ruffled edge, dark grey to black in colour. They are commonly found under pine, beech or birch trees from July until the first frosts and thrive in wet summers. They are usually sautéed in butter with chopped onions, but are not considered as tasty as the horn of plenty, which they resemble.

餛飩 / 馄饨(húntún)


Wonton. A type of dumpling, wrapped in fine pastry and usually boiled or steamed and sometimes fried. It is likely to be stuffed with minced (US: ground) pork, minced prawns (US: shrimp), ginger, carrot and sesame oil or soy sauce. You may also find them in soups.

結球萵苣 / 结球莴苣(jiéqiú wōjù)


Lettuce. Butterhead lettuce.

美味獼猴桃 / 美味猕猴桃(měi wèi mí hóu táo)


Kiwi fruit

萵苣纈草 / 莴苣缬草(wōjù xié cǎo)


Lamb's lettuce (US: corn salad).

雲耳 / 云耳(yün erh)


Cloud ear fungus that grows on dead wood, available fresh or dried. If fresh they have a bland flavour but take up the flavour of the foods with which they are cooked. They should not be fried as they explode, but should be stewed for at least an hour. If dried they are black and are broken into small pieces. They swell hugely when soaked. Dried mushrooms may also be ground to a powder, in which form it may be used to flavour soups and stocks.