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agneshka churba


A whole spring lamb with a stuffing of rice mixed with offal (US: organ meat) and raisins, traditionally served at Easter.

agneshka kebab


Lamb casseroled with kidneys, sweetbreads, onions, chillis and herbs in white wine flavoured with lemon juice. The sauce is thickened with eggs and the dish is served with rice.

agneshka soup


A soup made from lamb's liver, heart, sweetbreads and kidneys, garnished with onions, noodles, hot red chillis, eggs and yoghurt, traditionally served at Easter.



Artichoke. Globe artichoke.



A tart made from paper-thin, phyllo-style pastry with a variety of fillings such as nuts and cream or cheese and spinach.

bànitza susu sirene


A pie made from layers of paper-thin, phyllo-style pastry with egg, cheese and yoghurt.



Small red mullet found in rivers.




bjano sirene


A soft sheep's milk cheese with a salty paste and a thin rind, in the shape of a brick.