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Dried salt beef, cured with hot fenugreek paste.

aboukhty tzoo


An omelette made with aboukht, dried salt beef, cured with hot fenugreek paste.






A round of semihard cheese made with amixture of goat and sheep's milk. It has a white paste with a few holes and a thin, dark, greenish-blue rind. The curds are scalded and it contains 30% fat (total). Affinage is usually 2 months.

aram sandwich

/ah-rum or EHR-um/

Lavash, a coarse Armenian bread, softened and spread with a filling such as cream cheese with added meats, salad greens and pickles. It is then rolled like a roulade, refrigerated and sliced.


[Armenian] plural արմատ


armyanski manny pudding


A pudding made with semolina which is boiled in white wine and water, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with orange juice and lemon zest. Eggs are added and it is then baked in a bain-Marie and decorated with lemon syrup and pistachio nuts.






Aubergines (US: eggplants) roasted and then stewed with spring onions (US: scallions, salad onions), green peppers, tomatoes and cayenne pepper. When it has cooked chopped parsley, pomegranate seeds and lemon juice are added. The dish is served cold.



Dried salt beef cured with hot fenugreek paste. It can also be cured ham seasoned with garlic and cayenne.