Sydney rock oyster

/SID-nee ROK oys-tuhs/
[English] plural Sydney rock oysters

Sydney rock oysters are claimed to be some of the best rock oysters in the world. Rock oysters are the large, elongated oysters with a flat lid. Sydney Rock Oysters can grow to 8 cm (3") in length. The outside of their shell is smoother than European rock oysters, and grey in colour. The inside of the shell is smooth and white. They are found on the south-east coast of Australia near the mouths of rivers. Adults live attached to rocks. A rather triangular oyster with a smooth and warty, rather than a spiky shell and good flavour. Usually found at around 50 g (just under 2 oz) in weight these oysters are farmed in south eastern Queensland and New South Wales where they thrive in bays, estuaries and in mangrove areas.

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