sauce chaud-froid (blanche, blonde, brune, ou rosée)


"Hot cold sauce." There are six versions of this. Blanche, blonde, brune, rosée, tomatée or verte. Sauce chaud-froid blanche is a veal or fish velouté sauce which has been greatly reduced or to which aspic and cream have been added. The result is a gel like sauce which clings to foods. It is usually served with poultry. Sauce chaud-froid blonde is sauce chaud-froid blanche to which a little liquid meat glaze is added. Sauce chaud-froid brune is demi-glace with added truffle extract, Madeira and aspic, with game stock and trimmings if for game. Sauce chaud-froid rosée is sauce chaud-froid blanche to which tomato purée is added to give colour, usually for dishes with lobster or crayfish. Sauce chaud-froid tomatée is sauce chaud-froid blanche mixed with bright red tomato paste. Sauce chaud-froid verte is sauce chaud-froid blanche beaten together with green herb purée, sometimes additionally coloured with spinach. Chaud-froid is said to date from the 18th century when the Maréchal de Luxembourg was called away in the middle of banquet. When he returned the chicken and sauce had gone cold but he ate it anyway and found it was delicious.