[English] plural sandwiches

Traditionally a sandwich consists of two pieces of bread with a savoury filling such as cheese or sliced meats. The sandwich has, however, developed from a snack to a meal and can contain a huge variety of fillings, from Mediterranean roasted vegetables with hummus to Coronation chicken or egg mayonaise, fish or any available savoury food. They originated because of the impatience of the 11th Earl of Sandwich who, in the middle of a game of poker in 1762 did not wish to withdraw from the gambling table for a meal and demanded that his beef be borught to him between two pieces of bread to enable him to continue. This then became a regular practice of his and the sandwich was introduced as an acceptable form of eating in polite society, though it had doubtless often happened prior to this time. It has to be said that, throughout history, people taking food to their workplace, mainly in the fields, have taken foods wrapped in pastry or bread for convenience of transport.