San Domingo apricot

[English] plural San Domingo apricots

The San Domingo apricot or mamey fruit similar to a sapote and related to the mangosteen which it also resembles. It is the fruit of a tall, handsome evergreen tree of the family Clusiaceae, native to the West Indies and northern South America. Its flavour is something between an apricot and a raspberry. The fruit is almost round, from 10-20 cm (4-8") in diameter and has a short, thick stem. Like the mangosteen it is hard, only softening a little when it becomes ripe. The thick, leathery skin is light brown or greyish-brown with some warty marks. This covers a thin membrane which adheres to the flesh and should be picked of as it has a bitter flavour. The flesh ranges from golden-yellow to orange and may be firm and crisp or tender and juicy. The number of seeds varies, depending on the size of the fruit, and rises to as many as three or four. And be careful, as the seed makes a stain which is impossible to remove.

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