prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo


A small, compact, slightly flattened ham of the Veneto, salted, lightly pressed and aged. It is eaten uncooked, despite being raw. It is quite a dark pink in colour. It was awarded DOP number 1107/96 dated 12th June 1996. Traditionally the beginning of the processing of the proscuitto starts on St Catherine’s Day, 25th November. Hams were purchased at the agricultural shows in Montagnana and the other villages along the Berican-Euganean hilltops which march through the provinces of Padua, Vicenza, and Verona.. They would be kneaded and salted and then matured taking advantage of the dry, cold atmosphere and the increasing mildness as spring approached. Finally, the prosciutti were washed down in the open air and then hung out to dry.

Prosciutto Veneto (Veneto Ham) must be sold with:
1 - marking indicating origin and suitability of the legs; :
2 - marking indicating authorised abattoir; :
3 - metal seal indicating month and year of salting; :
4 - branded Consortium mark indicating place of production; :
5 - producer’s trademark. :

The finished weight is between 17 and 24 lbs (8 to 11 kg).



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