[English] plural peacocks

Peacocks are frequently found, shrieking their heads off, on country estates. They are glorious birds with tiny heads, long, thick necks covered in shimmering almost purple blue feathers and huge tails, either trailing behind them in a regal train of electric blues and greens, or held aloft in a great, shaking fan. From the rear these feathers are brown and black with white spines. From the front they are bordered by the famous "eyes". Peahens, as so often occurs, are comparatively dowdy brown and black birds, slightly smaller in size, though I think that the pattern of many female birds is often really lovely. Peacocks were once considered as birds to be served at a feast but this practice has long died out. The breast meat is said to be subtle in flavour and the brown meat gamey. Because of its size it is difficult to cook well.