Pacific oyster

[English] plural Pacific oysters

The season for Pacific oysters is 1st September to 30 April (the traditional months with an 'r' in them) in the United States though, of course, in the Antipodes, they will be breeding at the opposite end of the year, in November, December and January. Large Pacific oysters are inclined to be fatty and are improved by cooking. In Australia Pacific Oysters may also be known as Coffin Bay or Japanese Oysters. They have a chalky whitish outer shell with deep dark markings with occasional purple or red patches and with spikey lobes and protrusions, very different from other generally smoother oysters. The basic shape, under the spikes and protrustions, is quite oval. It is found in estuaries and on rocky shores and grows more quickly than other oysters, particularly the Sydney rock oyster. It was introduced to Tasmania from Japan, where it now thrives, as it does in southern Australia, and has a stronger flavour and bigger muscle than the Sydney rock oyster.

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