Norwegian food and cuisine


Despite the fact that Norway is a great maritime nation and heavily dependent on its fisheries, by no means is fish the only food on offer. It is true that cured salmon (gravlaks) is a popular dish, as are fish balls (fiskeboller) and sursild (pickled herring) among many other herring dishes. For special occasions there is the rather difficult to acquire taste of lutefisk. However, you will also find boiled, smoked sheep's heads (smalahoved), dried meat, brined and cured (spekekjøtt) and pork roll (nakkerull). Gammel ost is a pungent aged cheese, often served as part of the koldtbord, the self-service buffet that is Norway's answer to smörgåsbord. The fresh fish is wonderful and abundant as, in season, are berries. Berries are rendered sweet not by warmth, but by lengthy exposure to sunlight. This is why the berries of the Nordic countries are so glorious and Norway is no exception. The Arctic cloudberry (multer) is a good example. To eat at feasts is bløtkake, a special layer cake with berries and liqueur.

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