Newton Wonder apple

/NYOO-tuhn WUN-duh/

A common, large, late-season, green Victorian cooking apple with red flush, with solid, sweet flesh, found growing on the thatch of the Hardinge Arms in King's Newton in Derbyshire by the innkeeper, Mr Taylor around 1870. It was introduced commercially in 1887 by JR Pearson, a nursery in Nottingham. It received the Royal Horticultural Society First Class Certificate in 1887 and the Award of Garden Merit in 1993. It is though that it might be a cross between Dumelow's Seedling and Blenheim Orange. This variety cooks to a purée and is good in salads as it keeps its colour. is a very good keeper. This late-season variety is harvested from mid-October in South-East England and is at is best from November to March.