Mushroom Ketchup


George Watkin's Mushroom Ketchup tastes half way between Worcestershire Sauce and soy sauce with 'subtle hints' of mushroom. The original ketchups were carefully brewed condiments, but are now all but superseded by convenient modern equivalents such as Bisto. Originally mushrooms were packed, caps, stalks and all, into earthenware jars, salted and placed on the back of the stove until they flowed with dark liquid. Next the jars were set in the oven and boiled, the sauce strained through muslin, and finally spiced with black pepper, nutmeg and mace. George Watkin's, established in 1830, is the most common brand around and, despite the olde worlde label, is made from mushroom powder. It is used to add flavour to gravy and to highlight the flavour of beef and game.