A carp endemic to Indo-Gangetic riverine systems, is one of the three Indian major carp species cultivated widely in Southeast Asian countries. This species has long been important in polyculture with other native species, mainly in India. It is one of the principal component species in pond culture throughout India. It is becoming increasingly important in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Thailand and Nepal. In all the producing countries, almost all farmed mrigal is consumed in the local market. Governmental regulations and controls over the domestic marketing system are almost non-existent in these countries and demand and supply thus influence product value. Being the least preferred among the three Indian major carps, mrigal fetches comparatively low market prices, usually fetching 10-20 percent less than rohu or catla. However, consumer preference makes the prices obtained for these species always higher than those for common carp and Chinese carps.

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