Meyer lemon

/MY-ah leh-munz/
[English] plural Meyer lemons

It is thought that the Meyer lemon may be a cross between a lemon and an orange or a mandarin. They may be quite small and rounder in shaped than a usual lemon. They are sweeter than the most common commerical lemons such as Eureka and Lisbon. Meyer are better for desserts while the more acid commercial varieties are more likely to suit dressings for salads or fish. The rind of the Meyer lemon is smooth and soft and may vary in colour from greenish ripening to a yellowish-orange. The rind lacks the typical lemon peel oil aroma and the pulp is darker yellow and less acidic than a regular lemon. Meyer lemons were introduced from China to the US by Frank Meyer in 1908 and are now grown in California, Florida and Texas and are at their best from November to January.