A highly regarded white Burgundy. The town of Meursault leads into the white wine producing basin of the Côte de Beaune.The vineyards are spread over gentle slopes at altitudes of between 230and 360 metres. The eastern aspect ensures that the vines benefit from the maximum period of sunshine.The abundance of white marl soils in a chalky environment explains the predominant production of white wines as these soils are more favourable to the growth of the Chardonnay varietal. Meursault, above all, produces white wine from Chardonnay, of which about a third is Premier Cru. 600 hectares are planted and have AOC classification. - which breaks down as follows :

* 140 ha of Meursault Premier Cru ( Perrières, Charmes, Genevrières, Poruzot, Bouchères, Goutte d'Or, Blagny, Cras, Santenots, Petures and Caillerets).
* 280 ha of Meursault Village
* 180 ha of Bourgogne

Meursault also produces red wine (from Pinot Noir) which may have one of three classifications :

* either Meursault (Village) or red Burgundy
* or Volnay-Santenots Premier Cru, which is a named locality (lieu-dit) situated in the commune of Meursault but which has the right to adopt the name of the neighbouring village of Volnay due to its proximity. Thus the great red wines of Meursault have been called "Volnay-Santenots" for more than 2 centuries.
* or Blagny, which is a hamlet straddling the two communities of Meursault and Puligny -Montrachet.

The named localities or climats of Meursault, as in other villages, have names which evoke some special quality, such as the nature of the soil or the vegetation (les Perrières, les Charmes, les Genevrières). There may also be reference to some ancient ownership (Le Clos de Mazeray), or finally, to some particular tasting quality (Bouchères, Goutte d'Or).

Lastly we must not forget that Meursault also produces Bourgogne Aligoté, a dry fruity wine which may not have the quality of the Chardonnays, but which is an excellent accompaniment for oysters and shellfish. It is also used in the making of kir.



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