Pear lemon. A variety of lhighly perfumed lemon grown in southern Italy. The Pear lemon (Citrus × limon 'Lumia') is often confused with the 'Palestine Sweet Lime' Citrus × jambhiri Lush. 'Palestine' or other sweet limes. Also called French lime and (erroneously) Sweet lemon it is a tree found in Mediterranean countries. The fruit resembles a pear in shape, has a thick peel and is not very juicy. It can grow to a formidable size; the fruit in the picture is 18 cm (7 in) long as the ruler shows. A group of scientists working in the University of Catania, Italy has shown by studying its chromosomes that the Pear lemon (and its cousin Adam's apple below) was first a hybrid of pomelo and citron, which then hybridized with lemon. Pear lemon is sometimes classified as a citron hybrid.

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