Le Trappiste®


Le Trappiste is a disc of mild, semihard cheese made with cow's milk. It has an ivory white paste and a smooth, glossy, golden, washed rind. It is made at the Abbey of Belval in Picardy, north of Amiens in France. This cheese, which is reminiscent of Saint-Paulin and recorded since 1893, is eaten all year round and is made with raw milk. The curds are cooked and pressed. It contains 40-45% fat (dry). It may be found in the following dimensions: 20-25 cm (8") diameter x 3-4 (2") cm deep and weighing either 400 g (14 oz) or 2 kg (4 lb). Affinage is 5-6 weeks. Also made at the Abbaye de Belval is a cheese called 'le flamay d'Artois, one called ‘le ternois’ and another, le trappiste bière, which is washed in beer.

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