Lane's Prince Albert apple

/LAYNZ prins AL-bert/

A large, round variety of cooking apple which is green with crimson streaks and cooks to lemon yellow purée, making it good for sauces and is also used for juice. It was raised by Thomas Squire of Berkhampstead in Hertfordshire some time before 1841, probably as a cross between Russet Nonpareil and Dumelow's Seedling. John Lane was the man who introduced commercially it around 1850 and it received the Royal Horticultural Society First Class Certificate in 1872 and the Award of Garden Merit in 1993. This apple was originally called Victoria and Albert to commemorate the day when they called at a local hostelry to change horses. This late-season variety is harvested from mid-October in South-East England and is at its best from November to March.