An island close to Naples in Campania, with a DOC. The wines produced are mainly white, pairing very well with the locally abundant fish. There is also a small amount of tannic red. The wine of Ischia was already well known in the 16th century, and has survived some pretty draconian events. Alfonso of Aragon was given Ischia by his adoptive mother Joan II. He fell from grace and Joan II reassumed rule of the island. In 1438 Alfonso reoccupied Ischia and took his revenge by exiling all the men, loading them onto ships and sending them away, never to be seen again. He compounded the horror, after proclaiming it as a colony of Castile, by bringing in Castilians to whom the women of the island were given in marriage. These men were also given the land to work and brought with them some Spanish techniques of wine making.