Grey-Black-White Mountain goat


Peacock goat. This horned, average-sized goat originated in the Swiss Mountains and, as you would imagine, is hardy and agile, weather-resistant and comfortable in mountain pastures. It is also quite a friendly and docile goat. It is not a great milker. At maturity, a male Peacock Goat generally stands about 80 centimeters at the withers and weighs around 75 kilograms. Nannies follow at about 73 centimeters and weigh around 56 kilograms. The front quarters are white, except the legs which, like the rest of the animal are dark grey to black with white markings. The face has black stripes and spots. The first record of Peacock Goats is dated at 1887. Enthusiasts kept small numbers of Peacock Goats for many years, but the breed was not officially acknowledged until 1992, when its herd book was established.

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