Grave del Friuli

/GRAH-veh dehl free-OO-lee/

A large DOC zone in Friuli that produces 15 types of wine., either red or white. The lowland plain of Friuli, from the border with the Veneto as far as the Colli Orientali and then along the basin of the River Isonzo, consists of alluvial deposits of sand and gravel called, in local dialect, Grave, after which the the area is named. Within that plain are situated the territories of two different Denominazioni di Origine Controllata wines, one with a name derived from the Grave del Friuli and the other from the river, the Isonzo. All the principal grape varieties of the region are cultivated in the plain, Merlot predominating, with Tocai Friulano, Pinot bianco, Pinot grigio, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Cabernet and Verduzzo friulano.



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