Golden Delicious apple


A yellow to green American apple which can be an excellent all-round apple with juicy, sweet, crisp flesh. However, it is inclined to be bland.

It was raised in West Virginia by AH Mullins in Clay County in the 1890s and was originally called Mullins' Yellow Seedling. It was renamed when it was introduced commercially in 1916 by Stark Brothers of Missouri. This apple was introduced commercially into the United Kingdom in 1926 by Mr Bunyard.

It is good for cooking, making sorbets, ice creams and sauces, and as a dessert apple. Tree-ripened fruit really are delicious. It cooks to a purée and good for use in baby foods. .

Large and well-shaped, its skin is pale green to yellow gold, often flushed with pale orange when ripe and with a little russet. This late-season variety is harvested from late October in South-East England and is at its best from November to February.

British apple growers lost out badly when the French developed this apple and took over the British market in the 1980s. They ripen a little earlier than British apples and British attempts to compete by growing Golden Delicious were unsuccessful because they came to market later. They then turned to Cox's Orange Pippin and Bramley at the cost of countless numbers of varieties. There are constant attempts to revive many of these. Golden Delicious is now grown everywhere that apples are grown.