giant puffball (mushroom)

[English] plural giant puffballs

The giant puffball is an edible mushroom which slices almost like bread. Use only the smaller ones and they should be heavy and firm. If they are light in weight than they have dried up. Always cut them open from top to bottom with a sharp knife to check the interior before cooking. They should be pure white inside and show no sign whatever of a developing cap and stem, or any structure whatsoever! If these are present it is not a puffball and it could be dangerous to eat it. If the inside is white and consistently blank, it is safe to proceed. They should be peeled and then sliced and fried in butter until the slices are browned. They are good served with meat such as steak or chops and are also very good with fish. They' are a little soft in texture, but good flavour. (If gathering mushrooms you must be absolutely certain what you have before you eat them as many are very poisonous.)

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