gatto in umido


Cat stew. In the Guardian of 17th February 2010 Guiseppe "Beppe" Bigazzi was quoted for comments during a lunchtime programme called "La Provo del Cuoco.", following which he was axed from the programme. He mentioned stewed cat as one of the great dishes of Valdarno in Tuscany. The secet, he said was to "leave it in a fast-running stream for three days." I take it this was after the cat was dead? He described the result as a delicacy which he had eaten many times, and not just in times of food shortages. He went on to say that cat in a thick sauce was better than rabbit, chicken ofr pigeon. He later said that he was referring to events 70 years before. He himself is 77 years old. Apparently the result has been complete uproar and he as been sacked summarily. It seems squeamish when I think of what we do to battery chickens before eating them.