garlic scape

[English] plural garlic scapes

garlic scapes are thin, curly stalks of vivid spring green growing from the bulb of garlic and ending in a flower spike or pinuncle. In late spring and early summer, around June, a month or so before the garlic  bulbs swell and harden, scapes are cut from the bulb and can be found at the grocer’s in curly bunches.  The scapes are cut from the bulbs so that the plant's energy goes toward hardening and fattening the bulb and if left unharvested, the scapes will bloom and divert that energy and flavor away from the bulb.  The taste of scapes is similar to that of chives and green onions/scallions-sweet, mild, and yet, full of garlic.  They are crunchy and can be used as garlic, chives, or scallions, chopped and integrated, in pesto, grilled, or sautéed and served like string beans. .

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