fromage de l'Abbaye du Mont-des-Cats


A thick disc of firm, semihard cheese made with cow’s milk. It has a supple yellow paste and a brine washed rind. It has been made since 1890 at the monastery on the hill of Mont-des-Cats, near Godewaersvelde, north west of Lille in Flanders. This cheese is eaten all year round and is made with raw milk and contains 45-50% fat (dry). The curds are uncooked and pressed and it is rather similar to Port-Salut. It may be found in the following dimensions: 25 cm (10") diameter x 4 cm (1½"), weighing 2 kg (4½ lbs). Affinage is usually at least one month. It is at its best with red Graves and is sometimes eaten as a breakfast cheese with coffee because of its relatively mild flavour. In 1826 some of the nuns from the Abbaye du Port-du-Salut came to the Abbaye du Mont-des-Cats bringing with them the recipe of Port-Salut. This cheese is the result - a typical trappiste cheese.

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