fromage de l'Abbaye de la Pierre-Qui-Vire


A disc of soft, smooth cheese made with organic cow’s milk. It has an orangey-red, brine-washed rind around a supple yellow paste. It is made at the Abbaye de la Pierre-Qui-Vivre in the Morvan, in the south of the département of the Yonne in Burgundy. This cheese is eaten all year round and is made with raw milk and has 45% fat. The curds are uncooked and unpressed and it is an organic cheese. It may be found in the following dimensions: 10 cm (4") x 2.5 cm (1") weighing 9 oz (250 g). The cheese has a strong smell and taste. Affinage is around 8-10 weeks. Since 1994 they have also produced goat's milk.

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