[English] plural flatbreads

Flatbreads are cooked the world over where grains, and sometimes potatoes, are available. They consist of the simplest ingredients and are the first and oldest of the breads, requiring no or minimal leavening. Generally, the world-over, they will be made with grains such as wheat, rye, corn, oats or buckwheat simply mixed with water. Some may have oil and yeast or some other leavening agent added. They may be baked in pits, in clay tandoor ovens, on hotplates or over coals. They vary from stylish, flavoured focaccia to naan, rhoti, chupatti and amazing paratha breads; from carta di musica or Irish potato boxty to pizza bases and fougasse. Throughout the Middle East (and closer to home) you will find pitta breads, aesh in Egypt and, in Mexico, tortillas.

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