[English] plural fillets

Beef cut. Fillet. A small, boneless cut, the fillet is just over 1 kg (2 lb), the ‘eye’ taken from within the rib bone or sirloin. Very lean and tender and can be lightly marbled. Although expensive, there is no waste. A whole joint can be roasted in 20 minutes. It is also sliced to make steaks. It is also sliced to make steaks, fillet steak, filet mignon and Chateaubriand. To picture where the fillet comes from, think of chops all lined up, with the purely meaty bit in the middle all joined together. That is the fillet. Because fillet is such a sought after cut, they are not so often hung on the carcass nowadays, but are cut early from under the sirloin and vacuum packed. This is to preven them from losing weight so that the maximum price can be charged. However, this means that they leak blood so that often, when you cut open the packaging you find it awash. This means that the meat will be dry and flavourless. Fillet from a well aged, well hung animal is what you are looking for.