Ellison's Orange (Pippin) apple

[English] plural Ellison's Orange (Pippin) apples

A variety of eating apple raised around 1904 by Reverend Ellison of Bracebridge Manse and Mr Wipf, Head Gardener to Revd Ellison's brother at Harthsholme Hall in Lincolnshire from Cox's Orange Pippin and Calville Blanc. It is medium-sized and golden yellow striped and flushed blushed with crimson. It was introduced commercially 7 years later in 1911 by Pennells of Lincoln and won the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit in the same year. There is a note of aniseed in the flavour which does not suit all palates but which can be wonderful. This mid-season variety is harvested from mid- to late-September in South-East England and does not have good storage properties. Picked early it is crisp and bright, but it goes soft if left on the tree.