dried fruit

[English] plural dried fruits

Dried fruits are fruits which have been led to lose their natural moisture through sun drying or other procedures, and retain many of the original nutrients. Famous among the dried fruits are grapes, providing raisins and sultanas, currants, dates and figs, apricots, plums in the form of prunes. You can also find dried slices of apple, banana, pineapple and so on. Traditional dried fruit have a low to moderate Glycemic Index.

One of the few recipes which I provide in the whole of this website is for my dried fruit compote. Take a wide deep bowl and half fill it with boiling water. Drop in an Earl Grey teabag. Fish out the teabag after a few minutes. Cut dried figs in two and take off the stalk, and add the, dried apricots, prunes and blanched almonds to the tea. Leave aside to steep and top up with more water if required. Serve with Greek Attiki honey, the best in the world and Greek yoghurt for breakfast, or after dinner.