Rounds of pizza dough fried in Sicily. They may then be served with anchovies, pecorino cheese and onions, as the white version, or with the addition of tomato sauce for the red. Sweet ones maybe doused in honey. Lisa e-mailed from Canada to say "My grandparents immigrated from Sicily to Canada in the 50’s but from what I recall in my grandmother’s kitchen growing up cuddiruni was always a sort of stuffed pizza consisting of a bottom layer of pizza dough and then thinly sliced potato, onion, cauliflower (cut in very small pieces) mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper and layered on top and then just before sealing with another layer of dough my grandmother would put little bits of sausage meat and black olives, and top the dough with some grated parmesan or pecorino cheese..yum, memories of Nonna!!"



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