Crottin (du Chavignol)


A small barrel of soft to hard cheese, depending on the age, made with goat's milk. As it ages towards autumn (US: fall) it becomes harder and harder and dry, and the flavour becomes sharper and tangier at the same time. It has a mould rind which is reddish-brown or grey. It is made on farms and in dairies around Chavignol in Sancerre in the Loire Valley. This cheese is at its best March to November and is made with raw, whole milk, having 45% fat (dry) or more. The curds are uncooked and unpressed. It may be found in the following dimensions: 4-5 cm ( 2") diameter x 3-4cm ( 1½") deep, weighing 60-110 g (2-4 oz). People in Berry normally eat this as a mature cheese. 'Crottin' refers to the dark colour of its skin at this stage. Its texture enables it to be fried for serving with salad as a starter. (AOC). The name is also given, incorrectly, to Chavignol-Sancerre. (AOC-1976).

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