A disc of soft cheese made with cow's milk, similar to Brie de Coulommiers but smaller. It has a white, creamy paste with holes and a natural mould rind. It is made on farms and factories around Coulommiers and elsewhere in the Île-de-France. Demi-Coulommiers is a half-sized cheese. This cheese is eaten all year round and is made with raw or pasteurised milk, having 40% fat (dry) or more. The curds are uncooked and unpressed. It may be found in the following dimensions: 12.5 - 15 cm ( 5-6") diameter x 3-4 cm ( 1½-2") deep, weighing 400-500 g (14-18 oz). Affinage is usually 4-8 weeks. When well ripened it acquires an almond-like flavour.