Côtes du Luberon


Côtes du Luberon is an appellation area in Vaucluse in central Provence covering 3500 hectares, where red, white and rosé wines are produced. It is between Cavaillon and Apt, with 36 districts sharing the vineyards. About 70% of the wine produced in Côtes du Luberon is red, 15% to 20% rosé or white in any given year. "The reds are well-balanced and flexible, the rosés fresh and nervous, while the whites are fresh and well-rounded." It is generally better to drink the Côtes du Luberon wines when they are young. It is not clear whether Côtes du Luberon come under Provence or Rhône in terms of its region but, since it is on the north bank of the River Durance, it should more properly be placed in Rhône.