Côteaux du Languedoc


The Coteaux du Languedoc (AOC - 1985) is a large area sorth east of Carcassonne, west of Béziers where red, white and rosé wines are made. The reds of Saint-Chinian are light and high quality. At present the area is in something of a muddle about what it is producing, but strong efforts are being made to get to grips with a regional flavour of wines. The models are Burgundy and Bordeaux and it is likely that Coteaux du Languedoc will eventually develop a tiered classification system like Burgundy or Bordeaux. At the bottom of the tier will be the regional zone, basic AC Languedoc, analogous to AC Bordeaux or AC Bourgogne. The whole region will be entitled to this appellation provided basic criteria are met.