Hello. In Greece a man is called by his name with "O" before it, a woman with "Y" (pronounced "ee"). A man might be called "O Costas", "the Costas". The story goes that, n Mykonos in the early 1970s an Italian called Pierro opened a bar and became well-known and successful on the island. He had great style and lived glamourously. He attracted many people, particularly gay men, to the island, who brought excitement and wealth to the local people. But there were resentments, as there always seem to be. One day Pierro was picked up by the police. He was wearing a T-shirt marked with the words "CIAO Pierro". He was interrogated and, shortly after, deported, never to return. It was said that his arrogance and that of The United States was so great that he had walked proudly through the streets wearing a T-shirt marked "CIA O Pierro". There was no room for CIA agents in Mykonos.