Christmas pudding


Christmas pudding is a heavy, steamed suet pudding traditionally served, ablaze with brandy, when one is already filled to the brim with turkey or goose and all the trimmings. It is usually accompanied by brandy butter or brandy sauce and your slice may contain a coin or charm of some sort. The original Christmas pudding was called "frumenty", made with boiled beef, fruits and spices and alcohol of some sort, usually wine though this later became ale. The Puritans disliked this alcoholic version, which had been a favourite of Henry VIII, and Oliver Cromwell actually banned it as having an evil influence. Under George I it had a revival. Its long history has endowed it with many traditions, such as those who believe it must mature for a year and those who make it with precisely 13 different ingredients to represent Christ and his disciples. It is commonly also called plum pudding and is traditionally made with the help of all members of the family.